Our future doesn’t wait

Posted on 5th December 2014

Double date, this week, for the FabLab Frosinone. Yesterday, December 4, Mauro Jannone was in Rome, to the theater Ambra Garbatella, in order to share his experience as a digital craftsman and to tell the story of our Fab Lab. The event “Il Futuro non si aspetta: l’ecosistema dell’innovazione” was organized by IRFI, the special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, and by CNA to bring out the experiences and the needs of the world of innovation and to support small and medium enterprises.

Instead, today December 5, Michela Ruggiero, is in Ferentino (Fr), to talk about the world of digital craft during the events for the twentieth anniversary of Bic Lazio. During the meeting, workshops dedicated to patents, design, robotics, 3D and open source.