Posted on 19th March 2015

The relationship between man and computer is facing a profound revolution. Computers have become smaller and cheaper and, consequently, many objects have acquired the ability to collect and process information and connect to the Internet.

Cars, appliances, toys, cameras, watches etc etc have a computer inside and, in the near future, the biggest part of our interaction with digital contents and services will go through what we can call “Internet of Things”.

Users too are changing their characteristics, habits, and expectations about technology. They expects devices to be smart and to interact with them in a “natural ” way,  closer to the their cognitive and physical characteristics, such as interacting through voice commands, movements and so on.

The webinar aims to give an introduction to a theoretical and methodological framework for the design of new forms of interaction between humans and computers, harvesting the possibilities offered by new technologies. After an introduction about Ubiquitous / Pervasive Computing and the Internet of Things  we will proceed to the analysis of methodologies for designing interactive systems based on Natural Interaction paradigms.

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