Fab Labs are spaces where it is possible to realize ideas through the Digital Fabrication.

Fab lab

Fab Lab Network, today widespread all over the world, owes its beginning in 2004 from an idea of Neil Gershenfeld, academic at the prestigious MIT University in Boston, USA.

At the origins of his intuition there was the firm belief that the use of new technologies in the field of the Knowledge Economy, as 3D printing, may define the birth of a Third Industrial Revolution.

A Revolution which will redefine the relations between consumer and industry, designer and manufacturer and will boost the local economies with the arising of new local manufacturers and distributors.


Today Fab Labs are a reference for all the Digital Fabrication movement. Besides providing professional makers and machines, Fab Labs offer a global network where to share know how and help the development of knowledge.

In the Fab Labs it is possible to find workshops and courses to deepen into the use of the machines and an ideal spaces, for both individuals and companies, for experimenting and prototyping.

TEverithing that is made in a Fab Lab can be easily shared, obtain help from other makers to boost the development or meet the attention of other subjects to create start up experiences.

Fab Lab Frosinone

Fab Lab Frosinone is a place dedicated to the education, testing and manufacture of innovative ideas.

A Little About Us

Fab Lab Frosinone begins from an heterogeneus group of snoops, all from Ciociaria. Architects, designers, engineers, programmers, coming from international experiences with the passion for investigation in common and enchanted for the power of this Network in creating knowledge and experimentation, locally and globally.

Our goals

The main target of Fab Lab Frosinone - Officine Giardino is to build up a community of people and innovating ideas. A tenacious group and a space where to design, learn and think how to consider the future in a different way. Fab Lab Frosinone is open to everyone with ideas to realize. Have a sight.

Meet The Team

A multidisciplinary group of professionals, who have the belief that they can bring innovation in their own country, through international experience, expertise and experimentation.